Meanwhile in the Baltics…

Meanwhile in the Baltics… – a new publication which presents articles written by the graduates of 2016 Solidarity Academy – Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue, realised as a joint programme of the European Solidarity Centre and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

As a long-term partner of the Solidarity Academy – an international project aimed at inspiring and supporting the development of the young intellectual elites in Europe, New Eastern Europe has taken on the task to put together a collection of the participants’ work.

The publication can be dowloaded here.

Table of contents: 

  • George Makarenko – “The collapse of pre-election sociology: A view from Russia”
  • Marita Gasteiger – “Wilne – a walk through the Jewish Vilnius”
  • Svitlana Ovcharova – “The year of Black Protest”
  • Mira Fricke – “Fact-Checking tools and their role in a post-truth world”
  • Helen Wright – “The young Lithuanians tending their history above the Arctic Circle”
  • Dorian Jędrasiewicz – “Königsberg is no longer”
  • Ruben Dieleman – “Nuclear power in Poland: An unholy idea?”
  • Hubert Gregorski – “A poorly tailored federalism. The biggest ills of the Russian territorial system”
  • Monta Gāgane – “The best birthday in prison”
  • Andri Yrkill Valsson – “The Reykjavik Summit: When Iceland paved the way for world peace”
  • Anna Fedas – “Supporting young journalists: A few insights of the organisers”